Peter Maskell
Auctioneers Pietermaritzburg

27 Years In The Auction Business!
A long standing relationship with Banks,
Liquidators and Financial Institutions.

Peter Maskell Aims

  • We believe in essence that every estate should be dealt with individually and on its own merits.
  • The focus should not be on fee size, but on maximising recovery through improved realisation techniques and investigative and recovery capabilities.
  • We furthermore, pride ourselves on service excellence and feel we
  • would be in a position to add a valuable contribution to the process
  • of corporate recovery through modern realisation techniques.

Adding value:

We have extensive knowledge of the asset disposal process and requirements and as such believe we are able to offer a substantial contribution through our modern realisation techniques and investigative capabilities. We have furthermore established an extensive infrastructure in order to provide any service a liquidator or corporate client may require in the winding up of any matter.

Affirmative Action:

We confirm that our company is BEE compliant and we currently have a shareholding of 40% owned by previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI`s).

Peter Maskell Auctioneers