Peter Maskell
Auctioneers Pietermaritzburg

27 Years In The Auction Business!
A long standing relationship with Banks,
Liquidators and Financial Institutions.

Service Levels

Peter Maskell and Seone Maskell oversee continuity of service levels jointly.
In order to ensure continuity and the continued improvement of the level of service provided by the service provider to our clients the following strategies have been implemented:
  • An initial strategic conference is held between our clients and the service provider in order to establish time lines, communication channels and reporting structures for the duration of the contract.
  • Site meeting is held between our client`s representative and the service providers prior to all auctions.
  • De- briefing is held between the client and the service providers after each and every auction to” Brainstorm” new and innovative practices to enhance the levels of services provided to our clients.


We have extensive knowledge across a broad range of asset groups including both immovable and movable property. This knowledge gained over a period of over 20 years.
These sales have included the following asset groups :-

Fixed Property:

  1.  Commercial properties
  2. Industrial properties
  3. Residential properties
  4. Agricultural sales

Movable assets:

  1. Oil Mills
  2. Transportation sector
  3. Security sector
  4. Agricultural sector
  5. Retailers
  6. Truck and vehicle auctions
  7. Engineering concerns
  8. Woodworking industries
  9. Automotive enterprises
  10. Saw milling Operations
  11. Complete asset stripping processes

We provide valuation services to numerous liquidators, trustees,attorneys and commercial clients for the purpose of disposal, sales , estates , liquidations and commercial finance.

We provide a wide range of services to our commercial clients, these include:

  • Tracing and upliftment of motor vehicles /trucks /plant subject to installment sale/lease agreements.
  • Collection of funds in the OBRS Environment for Absa Bank(Registered with the Debt Collectors Board)
  • Tracing and upliftment of movable assets subject to installment sale agreements.
  • Tracing and upliftment of movable assets on behalf of trustees
  • Tracing and upliftment of movable assets on behalf of liquidators
  • Overseeing the compiling of financial questionnaires;
  • Interviewing debtors;
  • Overseeing and obtaining municipal details;
  • Servicing of Cession of Rentals;
  • Attending to valuation of fixed properties and vehicles;
  • Signature of new lease agreements;
  • On ground collection of rentals;
  • Arranging service of legal documents;
  • Investigative and recovery services.
A large portion of our current services with valuations being conducted on a daily basis and our valuation and appraisal capabilities comprise a wide range of industries including movable and immovable assets.
We are currently on the auction panel of the following financial institutions’ providing auctioneering services , valuations, consulting and asset recovery services:
  1. Absa Bank
  2. Nedbank Limited
  3. Business Partners
  4. Standard Bank Limited
  5. IDC
  6. Investec
Peter Maskell Auctioneers